Settling In


So I’m just laying on the couch bonding with my sleepy son and I thought I’d update everyone on how we’ve been doing.  I’m sure either Katie or I will post our account of the birth some other time so I’ll just concentrate on how we’ve been doing since we got home.

Well as soon as we got ourselves and all our stuff into the house my mom and dad came over and brought us a meatloaf dinner which was awesome since it was about 6:30pm.  After we were done with dinner our families started filtering in for a visit until our living room was just packed with family and friends.  Katie’s mom brought Guinness cupcakes for my birthday and everybody took a few seconds to sing to me before resuming their bonding time with little Ian.  He was in such a good mood for company since he was full and sleepy so all went well and soon it was back to just us three for the night.

Ian at the hospital

Now the first night was a struggle for all of us and I was very groggy for most of it so this will just be to the best of my knowledge.  We went to bed after feeding our little one at about 10:30 or so I think.  From what I remember we were up at about every hour from there when our little one would wake up hungry and crying.  Katie who was doing great and trying so hard to breastfeed Ian would get up to feed him as soon as he awoke and I would get up to see what I could do to help.  In our sleepy daze we got very frustrated when he wouldn’t feed very well (in reality we think there just wasn’t enough milk there for him and he was getting dehydrated).  So we would try to pacify him thinking he was just fussy and needed something to suck on.  But obviously that was a flawed plan and I distinctly remember reaching a collective breaking point when I quietly moaned “I’m so fucking tired.”

Katie made the best call at that point which was to give him some formula.  This was a hard decision since we wanted so badly to feed him only breast milk but we decided that obviously it was more important for him to get enough to eat than for it to be only breast milk.  We were very happy with our decision because he took the formula very well and finally got to sleep for a good long while full and happy.  So since that point Katie has been pumping to increase her supply immediately after or between feedings and we’ve been following up her feedings with her pumped milk and then a bottle of formula.  Ian has taken to this extremely well and is peeing and pooping again like a champ.  We are also very happy that it hasn’t negatively affected his breastfeeding with momma.

Ian on his way home from the hospital.

Now the next day and last night we have settled into that little routine and we were able to get caught up a little bit on sleep. Especially since Katie’s parents came over and helped us with some house work so we could sleep with our little man.

So that’s where we’re at…we’re settling in to a routine nicely and Ian is doing his only job (which is to eat, sleep and fill those diapers) extremely well!  We’ve had some messes like me being peed on twice and Ian wetting our bed while I was changing him but those are just more funny than anything else.  We can’t be upset when it’s just a sign that he’s doing so well.  We’re just so lucky to finally have him here with us and we’re just always excited to see what he’ll do next.

3 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Josh! I love this. Congrats, a million times over, on the arrival of little Ian! He looks absolutely precious and I’m bummed to be so far away right now. You have to promise to keep this blog updated!

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