A Visit to the Doctor

Just a quick update before I take a nap next to my son.

Nap Time

Yesterday was Ian’s first visit to the doctor.  Firstly, I want to say the doctor said that Ian is doing great and gave us the regular speech about what to look for and when he should take Ian to the hospital if something is wrong.  The one thing I was impressed with at the doctor visit was that Ian already weighed slightly more than his birth weight!  I had heard time and time again that babies lose up to 10% of their birth weight in the first few days after they are born so I was impressed to see that not only had he come back up to his birth weight quickly, but that he had surpassed it slightly as well.  This really made me and Katie feel good about how the feeding progress is going.  The last part of the doctor visit was Ian’s first vaccination which he took very well.  I am constantly amazed by Ian and Katie and I am very proud of them both.

Ian and Mommy

Another subject that needs updating is that feeding situation.  Katie and Ian are fastly becoming a well oiled machine.  Last night Ian didn’t even need a bottle of formula after his feedings with mom!  Her one problem this entire time has been keeping up with the amount of milk this kid eats and now she’s really getting there.  I know that it makes her very proud to be able to feed Ian without having to rely on supplemental formula.

Bath Time

Lastly, I wanted to share a picture of Ian’s first bath at home.  He really hates baths but Katie did such a good job cleaning him up and making him look spiffy.  We have discovered that Ian seems to have hair like mine because today his hair is so oily that it looks like we gelled it.  If you knew me in high school when I had long hair you may remember my hair looking like that.  I have the pictures to prove it.  😉

Mama and Papa meeting Ian

Ok…now I’m just writing more so I can keep putting pictures between the paragraphs.  But seriously now, I think our family has bonded as a unit and we are definitely getting our routine down.  We’re sleeping better and now we’re able to get some house work done between feedings so things seem to be going smoothly.  I am very proud of Ian and Katie for how well they are doing every time Ian feeds.  So yeah…that’s about it and I will post again when there is something to update.  And here’s another picture for good measure!

My Dad holding Ian for the first time

3 thoughts on “A Visit to the Doctor

  1. Hooray for Ian being an advanced little guy! Just so you know, I won’t judge you if you just starting posting a long line of photos, even when you have nothing to say. Also, I LOVE the picture of your dad holding Ian for the first time.

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