Mommy’s First Post

Since Ian is sleeping soundly while airing out his nether regions (he’s had a bit of a diaper rash lately) I decided it was a good time to make my first post!  I originally told Josh I wanted to start a blog for two reasons: 1. to keep interested parties updated on our lives and 2. as a way for us to go back and remember this special time in our lives.  I’ve been meaning to get to scrapbooking because I feel like there’s a lot of memories from pregnancy and now Ian’s newborness that I would love to have in a beautiful, crafty scrapbook.  Unfortunately, as many of you know, I have grand ideas to be crafty but I am also terribly un-artistic and a procrastinator.  This leads to a lot of unfinished craftiness : )  So I figured until I get my butt in gear on the scrapbook blogging is an easy way to archive these memories!  Enough of my boring mumbo jumbo though….on to what’s exciting, Ian!

Ian airing out his tush

I’ve never seen a child who enjoys sleeping almost upside down; but Ian sure seems to like it and it’s a great way to get his booty up and in the light so we can try and get his rash healed up.

Yesterday Ian was officially one week old!  We can’t believe how fast time is moving and that it’s already been one week since this little miracle was put in our arms.  Even though Josh and I have slept less in the past week than we ever knew was possible we still marvel over what a blessing this sweet baby is and cannot imagine how we lived without him before.  We always knew this baby would change our lives, we just didn’t know how much.  I don’t really think anything can prepare you for parenthood; for the amount of love you feel for the life you created.  It really is amazing. No matter how tired Josh and I are we would still rather stay awake and just bask in the sweetness of our little one than sleep.

Our brand new little miracle

At one week old Ian is still a little peanut but seems bigger and bigger everyday.  He is getting more used to bath time and now is enjoying having his hair washed and also loves when I play with hair; just like his Daddy.  He seems more and more like Josh’s little mini-me, from his nose and crinkly eyes to his super fine hair and the way he can spread his toes sooo far apart.  He loves to eat, being the growing boy he is.  We are so happy to report that he has now gone about 36 hours without any formula and has only had to take pumped breastmilk from a bottle twice in that span of time!  He is starting to nurse very well now that my milk has come in and he can usually get plenty full just breastfeeding.  He still seems to like to cluster feed a lot around the evening time, where he seems hungry about every hour.  This is usually when we have to bust out the pumped milk because my boobs just can’t take him being on there that frequently. Ian also loves, loves to snuggle at this age and we happily oblige.  He sleeps better in Mommy or Daddy’s arms than anywhere else…which sometimes makes putting him in his bassinet at night difficult.  He also loves to make lots of cute little faces; pursing his lips, making his “little old man face” where he wrinkles his little forehead, and he is starting to smile quite a bit…so sweet.  At one week old our love for him continues to grow!  Ian McQuinn…Mommy & Daddy love you more than you can ever imagine!

Ian ready for his first visit to the pediatrician

I would also like to dedicate the last piece of this entirely too long blog post to Josh; my best friend, husband, and greatest Daddy in the world to my baby Ian.  Josh has really taken to being a Daddy and every day I thank my lucky stars for him.  From being so encouraging and loving through labor to changing tons of diapers and being a swaddling pro; he has been my rock.  The first couple of days were hard with breastfeeding issues and he never once got frustrated with me or with Ian.  He remained calm, patient, upbeat, and encouraging and for that I am so grateful.  Even on the morning after our first difficult night together at home when he came into the living room trying to calm a very fussy Ian only to find a bawling Katie, he managed to sooth both of us with a smile on his face.  God bless this man.  Not to mention I didn’t change one diaper until late in Ian’s second or possibly third day of life.  He has taken such good care of our son and me.  I think the Target security guard that saw him walking out with pads that he got for me last night sums it up well.  He told him, “Respect, man. Respect. Not a lot of guys would do that.”

So calm in Daddy's arms

Looks like his Daddy!

And now for some unrelated pictures that I just like : )

Isabelle kissing her "Danny Boy"...her in utero name for Ian


sweet little cup ear



2 thoughts on “Mommy’s First Post

  1. Awww, Katie, your baby is as sweet as your story! What a beautiful baby and what a heartfelt blog…you brought tears to my eyes!! Congrats to you both on a beautiful little man! I can’t wait to meet him!–Tammy B.

  2. I love it; I love it all. Little Ian definitely looks like a miniature Josh. Not that there was ever any doubt that he would be, but it’s awesome to read that Josh is an amazing father and co-baby-raiser! So happy for you guys.

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