It’s been a while…


I'm awake now...ENTERTAIN ME!!!

So this will be quick since Ian is currently sleeping in my lap. I just wanted to update everyone on our progress. Our house is a real mess first of all. Not that we have any excuse…but it’s hard to take care of this little guy and have much time to keep the house clean or cook dinner every night! To tell the truth though I am enjoying Ian more and more all the time so I don’t mind him taking up my time. My new favorite thing that he likes to do is talk to us. He’s a very talkative and opinionated guy so far and I get a kick out of it. Well that’s all we have time for. He’s awake now and needs daddy’s full attention. We will try to keep up better with posts from now on I promise. Here’s a picture of Ian waking up from his nap time that I will leave you with.

2 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. I’m glad to see an update! Ian looks like the perfect combination of the two of you! One moment I think I see Josh, and then I see something and think Katie. Remind me… how old is this little guy now?

    • Why thank you Kara! He’s almost 5 months old now and he seems to get noticeably more mature every day. It’s crazy! My mom says the same thing…that she sees McCusker and Hansen both. He really is a McHansen kid!

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