Ian’s First Real Food

Here’s another quick update.  Ian will be 5 months old soon and we just recently started him on rice cereal which went very well.  He really seems to like it.  Here’s a video to prove it.

Ian also got his first ear infection over the weekend.  We cancelled our trip to Long Beach because we figured the long drive and the elevation going into the L.A. area would make for an unhappy little man.  He has been a real trooper though and he seems to be feeling better now.

This weekend Katie and I also went to Little Italy in Visalia for our anniversary dinner on Saturday night.  My parents watched Ian for us and gave us a gift card to get something to eat there.  My personal favorite part of the meal was getting some cannoli for dessert.  I freakin love it!  It was a great meal and it was awesome to have a “date night”.  I am a very lucky guy to have such a great wife and a handsome little man.  These milestones and celebrations give me a chance to look back on the time I’ve spent with Katie and now with Ian and see how much it means to me.  My little family really is the best!

Also here are some recent photos of Ian just because:

Ian is such a classy guy in his duck robe.

Ian doing some Tummy Time.

Grabbing for some ornaments!

The aftermath of Ian's cereal.

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