Ian at 9 months

Being that Ian is about 10.5 months and I haven’t had a new post, oh, since going back to work : / I figured it’s about time for an update!  We kind of missed a 9 month post, so here goes.  At 9 months Ian discovered quite a few a his new joys in life including swimming, strawberries, and swinging!  He also really started getting his move on and getting into all kinds of stuff.  He doesn’t crawl in the traditional way.  It’s more a half scoot, half crawl where he keeps his left leg, the “bum leg”, in sitting position under him and uses his right leg to propel himself.  What a silly little boy : )  Between 8 and 9.5 months was a big teething time for him as well.  He got his first tooth at 8 months and 6 weeks later had 6 teeth!  Made for some pretty crabby times, but we worked through it.  At 9 months Ian also hit a big landmark in my mind, he had spent as much time out in the world as he did inside Mommy.  I even had it marked in my calendar, “Ian is 39 and 4/7 weeks old!”  I know I say this all the time but it really is amazing to me how much he has grown and how fast the time has gone by.  It seems like just yesterday that we found out I was pregnant with Ian, but simultaneously like a lifetime ago since Ian has definitely changed our lives forever!  Ian continues to teach us so much about life….the importance of family, the significance of time, true joy, and most of all the virtue of patience : )  He changes and does something new everyday and makes our lives an adventure for sure.

Ian playing on his rocket ship at 9 months

Ian torturing his BFF, Mojo

Ian likes to play with our curtains and sliding glass doors



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