Ian at 11 Months

So we have been on vacation in Washington D.C. for the past few days and Ian just turned 11 months old!  He has been very fun and an excellent traveler!  Because this was our first trip on a plane with Ian, we were very surprised with how well he did.  With our flight being moved to LAX from Burbank at the last minute, we were a little worried about getting through the more densely packed security lines quickly and efficiently.  We were pleasantly surprised when we were moved into a separate and much smaller security line.  This made it much easier to get all of our stuff ready for the x-ray machines, which usually feels hectic and rushed for me anyway.  We made it to our gate with time to spare and even got to eat some Burger King before boarding.  Ian was a very good boy on the plane and didn’t really throw any big fits.  He did however ONLY want to sit with Katie and WOULD freak out whenever she gave him to me.  But he got a couple of good naps in when there weren’t older children having meltdowns right behind us.  I guess that is the travel stage we will live in fear of for now.  😉

Lately Ian has been very into finger foods and seems to prefer to eat that way if he can.  During our trip out to Washington, I tried feeding him a packet of baby food by squeezing it directly into his mouth.  I should have known this would happen, but now that’s the way he prefers to eat the pouches of baby food and he even refused the spoon the next time he ate.  During a day when Katie went into the city with us, we hunted down some D.C. food trucks.  Katie got a sandwich from the panini truck and decided to let Ian try some tomato from her panini.  He immediately decided that was his favorite part of her sandwich and devoured all the pieces of tomato that she could put in front of him.  He definitely doesn’t get that particular taste from me!  😉

He has been such a charmer to all the waiters, cashiers, and random strangers that he has come across which at this point is still very cute and funny.  In the future, the same amount of interaction with strangers will probably be creepy but at this point I think it’s still a good thing for him to just be sociable with other people.

Ian and I have had some good naps and some quality play time while Katie has been at her conference.  It has been awesome to get to visit our old home of Baltimore and to revisit all the east coast places that we have missed.  I’ll tell you one thing…we will miss Dunkin’ Donuts once we get back to California.

Here’s a video I took of Ian when we woke up this morning and he was feeling particularly playful. 😀


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