Back in the Saddle

So it’s been a long long time since this thing has been dusted off and updated.  Lots of things have been happening around the Hansen house since our last post.

Digging in!  At this point we were all still having a good time.  Little did we know... :D

Digging in!  At this point we were all still having a good time.  Little did we know… 😀

First of all, Ian’s 1st birthday which was very exciting and interesting.  He had a great time playing with all the little kids and eating lunch.  The problem came when we brought out the cake.  Ian was getting tired and fading fast.  At the same time when he was starting to dig his little hands into his cake, he began to feel very sleepy.  He was yawning and rubbing his eyes with red and purple frosting all over his little hands.  He had some sort of bad reaction and his face started to turn red where the frosting had been.  Needless to say, this was a buzz kill.  Katie and I took Ian to the bathroom and washed his face in the shower while Ryan got the baby benadryl.  All ended well but it was a very upsetting ordeal for Ian.  Overall, it was a good time and Ian made out like a bandit with all his gifts.

Another big development since the last post is that Ian gave up his pacifier all on his own.  I know this doesn’t mean much to people that aren’t parents but we were hoping that we wouldn’t have to fight with Ian about taking the pacifier away in the future.  Rather we were dreading the possibility that it would be a difficult transition.  Luckily for us Ian decided to leave the pacifier behind of his own accord.  Ian got a bit of a cold and started to have problems breathing easily while he had his pacifier in his mouth.  We felt bad for Ian because he was so congested but he seemed to do just fine after taking the pacifier out of his mouth.  He was only sick for a few days so he left the pacifier behind rather quickly.

Ian and I also dressed up as lumberjacks for Halloween which was awesome!

Father and Son lumberjacks!

Father and Son lumberjacks!

The next big thing to talk about is probably our family trip to Hawaii!!!  I’ve been wanting to post about this for a while now but I’m pretty lazy so I’m going to just post a conversation I had with Chris about how our trip out to Hawaii went.  It may sound pretty awful to some but I am grateful that Katie and I can look back at it and laugh about it. 😀


Ian and Mommy getting of the plane in Kona!

Ian and Mommy getting of the plane in Kona!

Christopher: How’s paradise brah?

me: Good…we have had a cartoon bad travel day. Haha 

Christopher: Ha ha ha

Ian a fuss?

what time is it there, like 530 in the morning? ha ha ha

me: 6:30…yeah Ian was a fuss but I will recap for you later. 🙂

Christopher: ha ha ha

travel stories are the best stories

me: Haha…true. I just don’t want to start and not be able to finish the list of unfortunate events. 🙂

Christopher: ha ha ha so good

me: Ok…we had a great morning getting to the airport and on the plane. Ian even fell asleep right away for a nap after we boarded the plane.
The problems started when we were somewhere over the Pacific and Ian choked on a single goldfish cracker. At this point it is appropriate to mention we were very proud of how well Ian ate breakfast. He ate many many bites of potato, eggs, and graham crackers. At this point of the flight Ian proceeded to barf all of that breakfast up onto our laps as well as all of the milk he had been drinking. We had quite the mess to clean up but all of the crew was very helpful though and gave us all the paper towels we needed as well as changing our seat cushions. 
At this point only Ian had a change of clothes so he was now just the baby with barfy smelling parents. All went pretty smoothly for the rest of the flight except for Ian being a bit whiny.
Our next issue wasn’t a large deal but when we had our layover in Honolulu we had to walk to another terminal. We walked through looking for gate 57 and only saw 56 and 58 with a smattering of restaurants and shops between those gates. We walked back and forth three times or so before we found a map. Which said…Gate 57 was right between guess what. Gates 56 and 58.?!?! What the F? We then realized that there was space between the back of the restaurants/shops and the outside wall of the terminal. So our gate had been hiding behind the restaurant all along. The second flight was short but Ian was pretty damn whiny and we were hanging on our last nerves. 
Everything went smoothly from there on out but when we got to Target in Kona to buy toothbrushes and such that we forgot at home I discovered that my shorts had ripped right in the butt. We’re talking a rip of about 6 inches. I don’t know for sure when it happened but I think it was when I was loading up the rental car. So I pulled down my shirt and gritted my teeth for the Target trip. Haha. I think those are all of our comical antics.

Take a gander at that when time allows. 🙂

Christopher: Geez. That is ridonkulous

Quite the adventure

 me: Haha yeah

Christopher: Goldfish are the bane of that kids existence

me: Seriously…we had many times to question our own intelligence yesterday. 
Also Katie had an aerosol sunscreen in her suitcase that leaked out of the can and out of the ziploc bag it was in and it is now all over Katie’s clothes.

Christopher: …balls

me: Anyway…At least we’re here.

Christopher: yes

ha ha ha thats the important part

me: Definitely

We had an amazing time in Hawaii and Ian enjoyed going to the beach or to the pool every day.  He just couldn’t get enough. 😀  Katie and Ian were sick during our trip but Katie was such a trooper and just took her Advil and kept on having fun.  Ian was just as good…he barfed at least once every day but he didn’t let it slow him down.  Luckily we had a washer and dryer in our room.  We would have been much less pleased with the trip I think if we had to keep going to the laundry mat.

Daddy buried Ian in the sand!

Daddy buried Ian in the sand!

One of my personal goals was to visit the Kona Brewing Co. which we were able to do early on.  We had a great lunch there and I got to sample a few of their beers!


Visiting the Kona Brewing Co.

Visiting the Kona Brewing Co.

 We took a day to drive over to Hilo from Kona which was a beautiful drive.  While we were in Hilo we went to a Farmer’s market and ate an authentic Hawaiian lunch at a local spot.  On our way back from Hilo we stopped to see the Akaka waterfall which was beautiful.  Ian was a very good boy and dealt well with all the driving that day.

Ian and Katie in front of the falls.

Ian and Katie in front of the falls.



Katie and I went on a snorkel tour for our anniversary which was really amazing.  We saw a large manta ray, humpback whales, and a pod of dolphins while out on our boat.  The captain also took us to see sea caves and lava tubes on our way back from the snorkel spot.  The water was so clear and the fish were beautiful to see.
It really was a great trip and it was Ian and my first times to Hawaii so I am sure we will be going back some day.  We played at the beach, snorkeled, went to a luau and ate lots of good food.  It was everything I hoped it would be.
I will put more pictures and videos in another post. 😀

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