Ian learns to clap


Ian’s favorite video

Just thought we’d share Ian’s favorite movie!  It’s a canadian tourism video, he really loves the song it plays and even tries to sing along to it.  We don’t mind watching it over and over   again either (at least not yet) because it really is a good video.  Check it out!

Ian at 9 months

Being that Ian is about 10.5 months and I haven’t had a new post, oh, since going back to work : / I figured it’s about time for an update!  We kind of missed a 9 month post, so here goes.  At 9 months Ian discovered quite a few a his new joys in life including swimming, strawberries, and swinging!  He also really started getting his move on and getting into all kinds of stuff.  He doesn’t crawl in the traditional way.  It’s more a half scoot, half crawl where he keeps his left leg, the “bum leg”, in sitting position under him and uses his right leg to propel himself.  What a silly little boy : )  Between 8 and 9.5 months was a big teething time for him as well.  He got his first tooth at 8 months and 6 weeks later had 6 teeth!  Made for some pretty crabby times, but we worked through it.  At 9 months Ian also hit a big landmark in my mind, he had spent as much time out in the world as he did inside Mommy.  I even had it marked in my calendar, “Ian is 39 and 4/7 weeks old!”  I know I say this all the time but it really is amazing to me how much he has grown and how fast the time has gone by.  It seems like just yesterday that we found out I was pregnant with Ian, but simultaneously like a lifetime ago since Ian has definitely changed our lives forever!  Ian continues to teach us so much about life….the importance of family, the significance of time, true joy, and most of all the virtue of patience : )  He changes and does something new everyday and makes our lives an adventure for sure.

Ian playing on his rocket ship at 9 months

Ian torturing his BFF, Mojo

Ian likes to play with our curtains and sliding glass doors


3 weeks!

This post is a little late, but on Friday Ian was 3 weeks old!  Getting big right before our eyes.  He is more alert these days and he was in a great mood on his 3 week birthday.  Making all kinds of faces and waving his little hands and feet all around.  Here are some pictures I took of him “playing” on the couch.

happy little clam


sweet little belly

wearing Daddy's hat

Josh calls this his "Mac n me" face. (Mac n me is an 80's movie that basically copies ET)

we thought we wouldn't get this look until he was a teenager


Ian is 2 weeks old!

Hard to believe this little man is already 2 weeks old!

sleeping in his swing

We visited Dr. Tomooka on Wednesday for Ian’s 2nd well baby check and everything looked a-ok!  Ian now weighs 7 lbs 10 oz!  Almost a whole pound more than his birthweight!  So we know mommy’s feeding him well : )  He also does exceedingly well at his job of dirtying diapers.  Already an overachiever.  This is how he earned his nickname from Josh of “the peein’ mach-Ian.”  He is especially good at somehow leaking out of diapers, mostly on his Dad.  I believe Josh had to change his clothes 3 times the other day because of this special talent our little guy has.  We blame it mostly on the Huggies, the Pampers we don’t seem to have an issue with.

about to get his diaper changed

I love how his little thighs and arms are getting chunkier.  He kinda looks like he has little biceps in this outfit : )  My little muscle man.

Poor child gets hiccups at least once a day and nothing seems to work to get rid of them so we just have to wait until they go away which takes awhile sometimes and these are some forceful hiccups we’re talking about!  He also gave us a bit of a scare this week with some vomiting issues.  We’re not talking a little spit up, but full on barf : (  It started on Wednesday right after we saw the Dr.  I had just finished nursing him and then poor baby just barfed up what seemed like everything he’d just eaten.  He held down his next couple feedings and then did it again in the evening.  Luckily, I know a lot of smart nurses, hahaha.  So I texted a couple of them for nurse/fellow Mommy advice.  We decided to just wait and see how he did through the night and just keep extra good track of wet diapers to make sure he wasn’t getting dehydrated.  He did fantastic through the night and then had another episode in the morning.  So, I gave the pediatrician a call and he basically told me to wait a little longer and advised me to do what I had already started doing…feeding less minutes more frequently so he doesn’t get overly full and keep him upright for awhile after feeds.  He said reflux vs. stomach virus.  My vote is with reflux….he hasn’t vomited again since yesterday morning, hooray!

Little Ian continues to be a joy to us at 2 weeks and we just love watching him grow!

little blue booties! Also seen in maternity pics josh's dad took : )