Ian is 8 months old!

I can’t believe that Ian has been in our lives for 8 months now!  So just as a quick update: Ian is showing his personality more and more each day.  You’ll see what I mean in the video I shot. 🙂  He has also been giving me some trouble lately when we’re alone but I know he’s just having trouble getting those new teeth in so I don’t hold it against him.  He has been having some trouble sleeping at night too.  This whole teething thing is really for the birds.  But our little family has been taking it well and we are having as much fun as ever.  Ian has really been trying to move more and more. He has even scooted around on his butt a little here and there.  He really is the most fun and hilarious baby ever.  After these 8 months I really can’t imagine what our lives were like before he came around.


Ian is 7 Months Old!

Happy 7 Months to you Ian!

We just got back from a great beach trip over President’s Day weekend.  It was Ian’s first time seeing the ocean and playing in the sand!  He really enjoyed feeling the sand in his fingers and didn’t ingest too much of it so that’s good.  It was really just a great time all around celebrating Megan’s birthday and hanging out with some of our best friends.  I was very proud of Ian for travelling so well in the car and for sleeping relatively well away from home.  He’s getting to be such a big guy!  So I just wanted to post one the blog just to commemorate Ian’s 7th Month and post some recent pictures.  I have been pretty lax about posting on a regular basis but I figure it’s better late than never.  So from 2 days ago Happy 7 Months Ian!

Ian playing with the sand.

We took advantage of someone's excellent sand writing.

Just chillin' at the beach house.

Quinn looking nervous about how rough Ian likes to play.

Playing with Quinny.

Trying to get his big noggin out of his shirt.

Naked butt!

Having a decent camera on your phone is so handy!

Ian’s First Real Food

Here’s another quick update.  Ian will be 5 months old soon and we just recently started him on rice cereal which went very well.  He really seems to like it.  Here’s a video to prove it.

Ian also got his first ear infection over the weekend.  We cancelled our trip to Long Beach because we figured the long drive and the elevation going into the L.A. area would make for an unhappy little man.  He has been a real trooper though and he seems to be feeling better now.

This weekend Katie and I also went to Little Italy in Visalia for our anniversary dinner on Saturday night.  My parents watched Ian for us and gave us a gift card to get something to eat there.  My personal favorite part of the meal was getting some cannoli for dessert.  I freakin love it!  It was a great meal and it was awesome to have a “date night”.  I am a very lucky guy to have such a great wife and a handsome little man.  These milestones and celebrations give me a chance to look back on the time I’ve spent with Katie and now with Ian and see how much it means to me.  My little family really is the best!

Also here are some recent photos of Ian just because:

Ian is such a classy guy in his duck robe.

Ian doing some Tummy Time.

Grabbing for some ornaments!

The aftermath of Ian's cereal.

It’s been a while…


I'm awake now...ENTERTAIN ME!!!

So this will be quick since Ian is currently sleeping in my lap. I just wanted to update everyone on our progress. Our house is a real mess first of all. Not that we have any excuse…but it’s hard to take care of this little guy and have much time to keep the house clean or cook dinner every night! To tell the truth though I am enjoying Ian more and more all the time so I don’t mind him taking up my time. My new favorite thing that he likes to do is talk to us. He’s a very talkative and opinionated guy so far and I get a kick out of it. Well that’s all we have time for. He’s awake now and needs daddy’s full attention. We will try to keep up better with posts from now on I promise. Here’s a picture of Ian waking up from his nap time that I will leave you with.

Ian is 8 weeks old!

Today Ian is 8 weeks old!  It is really amazing to me how fast time is going and how much he is growing.  Sometimes I wish I could slow time down a little bit, but I guess I’ll just try and treasure every moment with my sweet boy. I almost started crying the other day because I looked down at his foot and thought, “oh my gosh, it’s soo big!”  I know, I’m ridiculous.  I have kind of an obsession with this child’s feet, maybe I’ll expand on that another time.

sweet feet....I love them!

A few of Ian’s favorite things at 8 weeks old include: the bug toys hanging from his car seat handle (the kid will become mesmerized by them and then randomly flash them a big smile, they’re his friends), faces (Mommy’s, Daddy’s, grandparents…he loves studying our faces and we love it too!), his changing table (apparently it’s a magical happy place for him, who needs Disneyland when you have a changing table), and his bathtub (he would definitely stay in there until he was super prune-y if we’d let him).

Loving his favorite spot...the changing table, goofball

Oh, also he had his 2 month check up already (even though he’s not quite to 2 mo yet).  At that appointment he received a lot of vaccines including an oral vaccine and 3 shots in his little thighs.  He was a champ though.  Didn’t cry until the very last poke and didn’t get a fever from all those either.  He is now 11 lbs 7 oz and 23 inches long!  Growing like crazy!  These stats put him in the 75th percentile for height, so maybe he will end up tall like the McCusker men.  50th percentile for weight.

Here’s pictures from today of our favorite boy.  I was so happy I finally caught some good smiling on camera.  Usually he’s elusive with the smile…if the camera’s out, the smile disappears.

Happy boy



little double chin....hahaha

aww...the boo boo lip

Mom's trying to be fancy here

leave off with a sweet smile : )


It has now officially been forever and a day since a new blog post…sorry about that!  It seems like we’ve had a lot going on recently which has made finding time to blog a little more difficult.  But, hopefully I can do a better job of keeping up with it.  Part of the reason we’ve been bad at updating is Josh has been sick for a month now!  Crazy, we’re now pretty sure he has valley fever which would explain the fever that just won’t quit, the ugly sounding lung, the constant cough, and multiple rounds of unsuccessful treatment with antibiotics.  Poor guy has just not been able to feel like himself : (  Despite that he has remained an awesome Daddy, even though he hasn’t been able to help me as much as he would like because he’s just exhausted most of the time.  The one silver lining of it being valley fever is we can stop worrying about Ian and me getting it since it can’t be passed from person to person.

The other thing occupying a lot of time is a little beautiful tyrant named Ian.  At about 3-4 weeks of age he became quite the fuss fuss.  We have officially decided he has colic because almost every evening there is a case of the screaming mimis with no apparent cause whatsoever.   It is at this point we have to bust out all 5 of the “5 S’s” (from Dr. Harvey Karp’s The Happiest Baby on the Block).  I feel like we have learned to deal with his fussing well and now are able to calm him down a bit faster, but we definitely had some frustrating times.  I think it’s safe to say we’ll be happy when the colic is gone at the expected 3 month mark.  Despite all the crying we could not love this child more.  He has been smiling a lot and has been more and more alert which is awesome.  He flashes that beautiful baby grin and it just melts our hearts and all the crying is forgotten…almost : )  He has been able to sleep better at night which we are incredibly grateful for.  Some nights he has a good 5 hour stretch which at his age is fantastic, I think.

So since it’s been awhile I’m going to include a few pictures from the past weeks in order so we can see the progression!  I think he’s changed a lot and grown so, so much but you be the judge.  I apologize for the poor quality of some of the pictures, they are pretty much just from my phone so they’re not the best.

creating a new dance on his changing table at 4 weeks old

napping at grams house, 4 weeks old

chillin' in his boppy at 5 weeks old

finally asleep after receiving some 5 "S" therapy at 5 weeks old : )

at Mama & Papa's (his great grandparents) in San Luis Obispo during our first weekend getaway with him

loving the light and trees outside the window 6 weeks old

looking like a big boy at 6 weeks old

a little grin at 6 1/2 weeks. These smiles are hard to catch on camera!

staring at the toys on his "gym" mat at 6.5 weeks

looking sweet at 7 weeks during a visit to grams & gramps

Mom's little man at 7.5 weeks

I know I’m biased but I think he’s getting cuter!!  Love my little dude!